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The perfect number of rest days in a workout routine is a widely discussed topic in the web. This is also not surprising considering the fact that taking days off heavily depends on multiple factors such as the individual fitness level, different fitness goals and different workout schedules…

Are you struggling to start a fitness routine for the first time in your life? Have you been on a break from your regular fitness routine and don’t find motivation to come back? Or do you just need motivation to keep your fitness activity up? Well, no matter what it is, you are not alone. Like for most of us, finding the right motivation…

Are you thinking to start running frequently? Or have you already decided to start a running routine to improve your fitness? Then, Congratulations! Running is a great sports to get fit and healthy as you can do it wherever you want. It only takes some basic equipment such as running shoes and running clothes and you are ready to go.

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Since there are many different types of protein in the field of sports nutrition, keeping an overview of the details is difficult. Therefore, you will find a summary of the most important facts about protein in this article. In detail, I would like to explain what whey protein is, detail the benefits of it and clarify the question whether whey protein is good for you or not.

The struggle is real. Finding the right balance between ambitious career goals and a healthy lifestyle is a challenging goal. I often worked out late at night in the hotel gym after an exhausting 10-hour day or went jogging the next morning before breakfast. This might not sound difficult in theory, but it was a mental and physical long-term burden for me…

Many career-focused professionals face the challenge of following a healthy nutrition plan simultaneously to a busy working schedule. Too often, the time available and motivation to dedicate to nutrition seems to be limited. However, putting focus on the weekly diet does not take too much time effort and can even be done on weekends prior to a busy week…

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Feel Natural Magnesium

The magnesium capsules from Feel Natural are nutrition supplements. The capsules can be taken in addition to a healthy diet. During stressful days with additional evening sports sessions, taking magnesium is a good way to improve regeneration and keep your energy levels high.

How much is MyFitnessPal Premium?

MyFitnessPal is one of the world’s leading health & fitness apps that allows its users to track their diet. Thereby, it offers a great variety of options to measure your calories, macronutrients and your progress in different metrics such as losing or gaining weight.

Erdschwalbe Organic Rice Protein

Erdschwalbe Organic Rice Protein is a nutrition supplement which is a perfect complement to a healthy diet for fitness enthusiasts. Erdschwalbe’s rice protein can be used as an addition to your normal diet in form of a shake or a smoothie.

TOMSHOO 5 Packs Resistance Bands

TOMSHOO Resistance Bands is a great tool to work out efficiently from basically anywhere. The bands are environmentally friendly and made of natural latex. Due to its width, the bands fit comfortably around your body. The two handles are connected which is why no snap hooks are needed.

Masdery Cork Yoga Mat

As the name implies, Masdery Cork Yoga Mat is a yoga mat made of cork to support floor exercises and stretching. It is made of eco-friendly, natural organic cork as well as natural rubber. The material as well as the thickness of the mat (4mm) will make sure that exercises can be performed comfortably. Moreover, the rubber at the lower…

FitBeast Resistance Bands 150lbs

FitBeast’s resistance bands is a great tool for working out at home. Whether you are beginner, frequent gym visitor or professional athlete, the resistance bands are providing a great opportunity for strength training. The resistance bands are made of environmentally friendly natural latex, which is highly elastic and very durable…

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