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On my blog you will find plenty of information about fitness workouts which you can do from home while being busy at work. You do not think that working out and a busy job can be combined? Believe me, it can. I have done it myself and feel more fit than I ever have.


I was getting into fitness sport long, long time ago (by the age of 16). As part of semi-professional handball player (the weird German ball game that is not well-known globally), working out & running was becoming part of my weekly routine. Despite some injuries, exhausting university programs and an 80 hour work week, fitness has been an crucial part of my life during the past decade. It gives me the balance that I need to succeed elsewhere in my life.

To get things right: I am not the bodybuilder type of guy. You can rather think of me as a sports enthusiasts who likes the feeling of being in shape and enjoys eating whatever is on the plate without regrets. Also, I do think that muscle structure and growth is genetically influenced, which means that we cannot all look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Heidi Klum by the age of 50. However, with constant training everybody can achieve results and reach a fitness level that let’s you feel in shape.

Throughout my life, I have tried different kind of fitness sports. Obviously, the gym played a big part in that. But I also included Crossfit, running and home workouts into my routine. While all of those methods have advantages, I am currently focusing more and more on efficient workouts from home.


Reason #1: Because I am still working quite a bit. So every hour in transportation time I can save, gives me more time to focus on something at work or my family

Reason #2: It is not less efficient than going to the gym. With the right tools, you can train your entire body and exhaust your muscles as if you were going to the gym (Yes, your muscles will also be sore)

Reason #3: It is super flexible. Wherever I go or travel, I can take my sports equipment (it is a small bag that fits into every suitcase (also cabin size)) with me. This allows me to work out on vacation, while traveling for work or while visiting my parents. No matter where you go, you can basically work out from everywhere


As I stated in my story above, I have tried different kind of fitness sports. Finally, I have found an efficient workout routine that makes me feel physically fitter than ever before. I do know the pain of either not having enough time or not having the motivation to go to the gym. Probably all of us have had this feeling. And it is hard, because we all know that working out is something our body wants.

With this blog I want to share my way of fitness as I am doing it right now. And I do know that my way will not fit to everyone. Everybody has a different body, life situation, working environment, etc. But I still feel that sharing some of my insights might be valuable to you.


My goal is to equip you with enough content so that you can find your own way of working out at home. Find the right tools, find the right exercises and find the right motivation to get in shape without the necessity of leaving your home.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


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