Exercising In The Morning – Why You Should Start Your Day With An Energy Boost

Exercising in the morning is not everybody’s friend. In particular the thought of getting up early almost seems like torture for some people. However, working out early does come with some great benefits.

During the past year I have tried to structure my workout routine a bit more. This also included to shift my training sessions from an evening to a morning shift starting at 07:00am for 4 out of 5 week days. Although it was a great challenge in particular during the starting phase, I quickly noticed remarkable benefits, which I want to share in this article.

First things first – Follow your priorities

If increasing your fitness level is a major priority of yours, I strongly recommend to at least try working out in the morning. Knowing that one of your priorities is already done when you arrive at work is great and comes with additional benefits. Since an exhausting working day oftentimes lead to a drop in motivation, people who work out early do not face the risk of missing their planned fitness session. Moreover, if working out is not your favorite activity, early exercising ensures that you do not have to think about your training all day long at work.

No distractions – Pure focus on your fitness goal


When getting up early before the rest of the world, you can enjoy a training without distractions. There will not be any calls from colleagues or clients, no relevant sports events in TV, or friends asking to go out that might hold you back from your session. A workout out in the morning provides you with the opportunity to purely focus on your exercises and therefore increases the efficiency of your fitness routine.

Also, when looking at it from a more long term perspective, consistency increases as trainings will not be skipped due to other activities that arouse interest. To keep track of your performance progress you can use apps such as MyFitnessPal for nutrition or Runtastic for running. Those apps are a great helper to keep consistency and thereby increase performance over time.

Great feeling – Start the day with an energy boost

Many of you have probably already experienced the great feeling when being done with a workout. Feeling the stimulated muscles in your body is a great boost of energy and motivation for further training sessions. From my perspective, this feeling does multiple by 10x when exercising in the morning. Why? Because it replaces the typical feeling of fatigue (which most of us have if they just woke up) with this energetic status your body is in after a workout. This really gives you a head start into the day and boosts your confidence and activity level in particular during the first hours of the day. Moreover, being more efficient at work in the morning hours due to an increased activity level might potentially allow you to leave work earlier than usually.

More time – The difference between the first and last hour of the day

Morning_run_manExercising in the morning will lead to a more efficient time usage of your day. As sleeping would have been the alternative to an early workout, you can now enjoy an hour of spare time more at evenings (the hour when you would have done your workout otherwise). In case something spontaneous pops up (e.g. friends invite for dinner), you do not need to have bad conscience about a missed training anymore (just make sure not to miss your training the next morning then :-)).

Knowing that enough sleep is not only important for one’s health but also for the fitness level, I do recommend getting earlier to bed than usual. This ensures that sleeping time stays the same independently of your morning workout. That being said, it is important to understand the difference between the first and the last hour of the day with regard to your activity level. While the last hour is often used to sit on the couch in front of the TV, the first hour of the day is now covered by doing something great for your body.

It is worth a try

Again, I do know that getting up early is a challenge for many of us. It is also for me. However, exercising in the morning gives you a head start and boosts your energy level in the morning hours at work. I once read that it takes 66 days until your body gets used to a certain routine. To be honest, I do not know whether the precise number is correct. But consistently overcoming the challenge of working out in the morning will make it easier after some time. Also, if you have the option to train with a workout partner, use this opportunity to motivate each other.

I hope that this article gives you some motivation to exercise in the morning. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

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