How to get ripped from home – Ground rules for busy professionals

Having had an 80-hour week in the past, I know the pain and struggle you go through in keeping your fitness activity high. Today, after 3 years of working in high-intensity business environments with a lot of travel activity related to that (I am flying to clients every week), I am still satisfied with the shape of my core (yes, it is a six-pack) when looking in the mirror. This is the result of my commitment to working out during the last decade.

I do know that everybody comes with different genetic prerequisites. However, I do believe that consistently working out the core is helping you on your way to get in shape while being busy at work at the same time. To get ripped, there is no gym required and exercises can easily be conducted in your living room, on business travels or even during vacations. In contrast, once you know some basic ground rules, you can use every facility for your advantage to get in shape.

In this article I want to share some ground rules that are aimed at helping you to get going with getting ripped from home.

Getting ripped is not only to show off in summer

First and foremost, I want to highlight that being ripped is not only important to show off in summer when laying at the beach. Obviously, this is a nice side effect which boosts your self-confidence. But from a perspective of a busy professional, having a well-trained core is much more crucial for your long term physical health.


  • A strong core helps you to sit straight in your chair and stabilizes your entire body. This is in particular important for professionals who spend hours each day in an office environment with only limited body activity
  • A strong core is the basis for any other physical activity. No matter whether you go hiking, cycling, running, climbing, swimming, you name it, your core is crucial for your performance
  • A strong core prevents from injuries

So when trying to get ripped, try to find a motivational mix between looking good during summer time and preparing for long-time physical health.

Rule #1: Bring along the right attitude

“Just do it”. Nike’s slogan is probably the perfect quote to share here. Unfortunately, many people fail in achieving something they wished for simply because they don’t execute. Talking about your six-pack is easy. Planning how to get there is also easy. Executing the first workouts is also easy. But staying in training mode and believing in yourself is difficult. There will always be challenges and circumstances that might hold you back from training. If you want to achieve what you planned for, you need to jump over those hurdles and keep pushing. Believe it or not, this is the reason why most people fail in getting ripped.

So, don’t leave room for excuses if you want to achieve something big! Pure resolutions alone will not make you a superstar.

Rule #2: Commit yourself

There are no low hanging fruits when it comes to getting in shape. Strengthening your core is a marathon which you need to accept to run. Keeping the training activity high for several weeks, months or even years can be a challenge. But it is not a challenge that is impossible to overcome.

Here are 4 tips to master this challenge:

  • Make training your core a top priority on your daily agenda
  • Do not come up with excuses (there are no excuses)
  • Start your day with your core workout (before showering and breakfast)
  • If you are not a morning person: Go to bed 30min earlier than usual to keep your sleeping time at the same level

I am convinced that if you stick to your plan and keep the training activity high, results will come eventually.

Rule #3: Choose the right exercises

Having a basic repertoire about potential core exercises is obviously helpful when getting started. Luckily, you can find millions of exercises within seconds when searching online.

I am happy to share 3 of my favorite core exercises to get ripped from home.

Sit Ups
Equipment: No equipment required
What to do: Lay straight on your back. Pull up you legs and position them so that the soles of your feet touch each other. Lift your upper body and touch the ground in front of your feet with your hands. Release fully and touch the ground with your back again. Repeat!

Leg raises
Equipment: No equipment required
What to do: Lay straight on your back. Lift your legs up until almost 90° (if possible). Release so that your legs almost touch ground again. Repeat! (Make sure that your lower back does not lose touch to the ground)

Equipment: Resistance bands required. Both, FitBeast Resistance Bands and Tomshoo Resistance Bands are great quality.
What to do: Attach resistance bands on core level (e.g. in a door gap). Stand vertically towards the door. Grab the resistance bands and pull with both arms from one side of your body to the other (e.g. from left to right or vice versa). Release. Repeat!

Those exercises are the basis for my core training. I usually decide on a daily basis about the mix of exercises I want to perform. This gives me a great variety which is important for your body to build up muscles (your body gets used to certain movements after some time).

I highly recommend finding your own set of exercises that is efficient for your workout. Obviously, feel free to try out the above-mentioned examples, but bear in mind that not every exercise is efficient for every body. While training your core, try to feel whether each individual exercise is tiring your muscles or not (you can feel that if your core muscles are starting to “burn” after a while).

Rule #4: Set up your training plan

Having a workout routine to follow fosters long term success in getting ripped. Although there is no need to write down a detailed plan, I do recommend to at least having a structure in your head. This training structure could for example include the number of training days per week or the time of the day you want to workout (morning or evening).

For the set up of your plan it is important to stay realistic. Planning 6 workouts per week (unless you are already into working out frequently) is counterproductive and will decrease your motivation after some time. I recommend getting started with 3-4 core workouts per week. This gives you enough space to change training days within a week in case something pops up that prevents you from training.

Remember, a plan is there to be fulfilled, not to be disregarded!

Rule #5: Be patient and keep going

Patience is probably one of your biggest enemies. As stated-above, getting ripped from home is a marathon, not a sprint. There is no “Getting ripped in 30 days” reality. I have never ever seen a person where a six-pack pops up after such a short time of training. Therefore, it is important to understand that seeing training results will take time. However, I do believe that you can feel better and fitter already after some weeks. Once you do, you have to use this feeling as motivation to keep going. Eventually, the results on your core will come.

Believe in yourself, you can make it!

Hopefully, the ground rules above will help you getting ripped from home. A lack of time should never be a reason not to pursue your plan. I have also been busy and worked until late (yes, also shifts until midnight were common). However, I always kept focusing on my core as a major priority in my daily routine (even if it meant to work out between 12:00am-01:00am at night). Getting ripped needs to be something that you really want. You need to believe in yourself and your goals. Else, you will most likely not stick to it and stop working out after a while.

Did this article help you in overcoming your challenges? Feel free to comment below, I am happy to chat…

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