Gym Reopening After Lockdown – Pros & Cons Of Going Back To The Gym

The global pandemic has struck all gym enthusiasts worldwide like a hammer. From one day to another governments across the world have decided to close down fitness studios to avoid the massive spread of COVID-19. Although this has led many gym enthusiast to rethink their workout routine, this was the only right decision to do when considering the aggressiveness of this virus.

Now, about three months later, the European world (and also some other areas) is ready for gym reopening. However, instead of jumping into the air and looking forward to the next gym visits, many people doubt whether going back to the gym is what they want at the moment. Below I have listed some arguments in favor of going back to the gym as well as some arguments in favor of staying with a healthy home workout routine.

Reasons to go back to the gym


Having stayed at home for a couple of months now, I can only imagine how much people are desperately striving to get back to the gym. Here are some reasons to resume weight lifting in fitness facilities:

  1. Weight training
    The ultimate reason why people signing up for gym memberships is the opportunity to lift weights to train their body. Assuming that most people did not have similar fitness equipment at home, I can only imagine the relief for fitness enthusiast to go back and list some heavy weights in the gym.
  2. Meeting fitness friends
    For some people, going to the gym is also a great opportunity to meet and train with friends. After months of social distancing, training with a workout partner is now possible again. In some cases, this does also increase training efficiency by receiving this extra motivation for the last reps of your exercises.
  3. Get away from home
    Having stayed most of the day at home without even leaving the apartment / house in the last months, going out and getting back some normality in life is a great feeling. Since gyms start to reopen, this is an opportunity to escape from home again.

Reasons to stay away from the gym

Being forced to train from home for several months might have changed some fitness mindsets out there. Going to the gym does not seem to be #1 priority anymore as people have learned great opportunities to stay fit from home. Here are some arguments to keep working out from home:

  1. Health risk remains
    It comes without a doubt that this pandemic is not over yet. Hence, potential health risk remains when leaving home in particular for gyms where usually multiple people tend to gather in a small area
  2. There is great home work out equipmentResistance_bands
    Not being able to work out in gyms during the past couple of months have led fitness enthusiasts to rethink their workout routines. As part of this, home workout equipment became very popular and now might serve as a replacement for the typical gym visit. Personally, I shifted entirely to home workouts (meaning that I canceled my gym membership) after experiencing what it means to work out with resistance bands like the ones from TOMSHOO and FitBeast
  3. Training at home is much more efficient
    Training at home can be much more time efficient than working out in gyms. Avoiding the time it takes to get to the gym or not having to wait for some devices in the gym is a great advantage of working out from home.


To sum up, it is everybody’s individual choice whether to go back to the gym or keep working out from home. There are arguments in favor of both decisions. Personally, as stated above, I will continue my training at home as I got quite satisfied with the results when training with resistance bands.

I hope you liked my article. What is your opinion on this topic? Are you going back to the gym? Feel free to leave your comment below.

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