How To Get Fit – Overcoming Major Challenges When Getting Started

Having great fitness resolutions is not only common after New Year’s Eve but also during a year. In particular busy professionals sometimes feel that they need to improve their fitness level since they sit plenty of time in office chairs with only a limited level of activity. Unfortunately, these plans often remain plans as people struggle with some typical challenges during the startup phase. If you are a busy at work during the week, this article will help you understand and overcome some initial challenges and will illustrate how to get fit in the long run.

Challenge #1: Getting Control Over Your Mindset

Your mindset is probably the biggest enemy during the startup phase of your workout routine. There will always be situations where your head is finding new arguments why you should skip training or a healthy meal. But don’t worry! This is completely normal as changing habits is a difficult process that requires time.

How to overcome this challenge:

  • Start small
    Getting fit is a marathon, not a sprint. So it is completely fine to start with small workouts and a lower frequency. Your body needs time to adapt to new standards both physically and mentally. Knowing that you can achieve two workouts a week as planned is a much more motivating feeling than missing an over ambitious target of five workouts a week.
  • Accept the challenge
    In comparison to be negatively influenced by a repeating voice in your head not to work out, you could also see this as an opportunity to demonstrate the seriousness of your ambitions.

Challenge #2: Avoiding Daily Temptations

workout_equipmentThe reality is that there is no day without potential traps on your journey to get fit. This includes e.g. a delicious cake at one of your colleague’s birthday celebrations, an unhealthy lunch due to an important upcoming meeting or simply the elevator which is used instead of the stairs. Traps are everywhere and will influence your fitness plan if you are not aware of them.

How to overcome this challenge:

  • Create awareness
    Start getting a feeling for the various traps that you can step into. Knowing where they are is already a great step in the process of avoiding them.
  • Demonstrate priorities
    If fitness and health is one of your priorities then skipping a cake at a colleague’s birthday celebration should not be difficult for you.
  • Bring your own food
    Bringing your own food helps you to avoid spontaneous unhealthy meals at lunch when time is short. You can find more information on how to prepare your own food in the article “Health And Career – Precook Your Food To Increase Focus On Work During Week”

Challenge #3: Experiencing Limited Time

Time issues is always a welcoming argument when it comes to getting fit or eating healthy. However, it is a (excuse me for my honesty) lame excuse since there will always be time for things of high priority. Additionally, you need to understand that going out for a run or doing exercises at home will give you more energy than sitting on the couch after work.

How to overcome this challenge:

  • Focus on priorities
    Find activities in your life with lower priority than your fitness routine. This can e.g. include reading the news, watching TV or checking Social Media accounts. Since most of those activities will be done several times per day anyways, you would not even lose information when replacing one of those activities with working out.

Challenge #4: Getting Understanding From Colleagues

kettle_bell_on_boxWhen changing habits, colleagues and friends typically do not understand your rationale immediately. In some cases, they would even start laughing at you as they do not believe in you achieving your new goals. This is the time when you need to demonstrate seriousness of you getting fit. If you can manage to pull through and not get influenced by people who try to negatively influence you, you will see the differences to those people after some time. There is no better way of motivation.

How to overcome this challenge:

  • Focus on your goals
    Nobody should be in the position to get you off track. Stay strong when colleagues try to “bully” you for your ambitious goals.
  • Generate awareness
    Generating an understanding among colleagues and friends about your new goals and standards will help you to avoid negative comments in the future. If they still have difficulties accepting what you want to achieve, start ignoring comments from those people. As Adidas once said in a slogan: “There gonna’ be haters”.

Be your own boss

In the end, it is your responsibility to follow your fitness and nutrition plan. No matter what you do, there will always be resistance on your journey. It is your task to handle those challenges. I am convinced that if your priorities are set right, reaching your fitness goal is a task that you will achieve in the near future. Keeping the above-mentioned challenges in mind during your startup phase, will hopefully make the first steps in getting fit easier.

I hope that this articles was helpful. Feel free to leave your comments below.

4 thoughts on “How To Get Fit – Overcoming Major Challenges When Getting Started”

  1. Norman Richards

    Yes we live in a world where there is so much that goes on that can keep us from seeing those decisions through that we have made when it comes to our health and nutrition but it all begins in the mind. If we can master our minds and stick with the plans that we made to live a healthy lifestyle then we can do it. What you have shared is so great help for those who want to live a healthy life.

    1. Hi Norman,

      thanks for your positive feedback. I am happy that you liked the article.

      What is your personal motivation to stay fit? And what challenges do you face?


  2. Joseph William Stasaitis

    Very good information here on how to avoid distractions when employing a fitness program on a consistent basis. In order to avoid inconsistent workouts, I set a definite time during the day for my main workouts, and that is 5 am in the morning so I am not tempted to put it off. I may also work out additionally during the day but I do not feel pressured to do so. Thanks for your insights as I also agree that “mindset” is extremely important.

    1. Hi Joseph,

      thanks for your comment. I really like your structure of having a specific time per day where you work out.

      Let me know in case you have any questions.


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