FitBeast Resistance Bands 150lbs – Product Review

Product: FitBeast Resistance Bands Set 150lbs
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4.7 out of 5

Product Overview

What it is:

FitBeast’s resistance bands is a great tool for working out at home. Whether you are beginner, frequent gym visitor or professional athlete, the resistance bands are providing a great opportunity for strength training. The resistance bands are made of environmentally friendly natural latex, which is highly elastic and very durable. To achieve the best training effect, the resistance bands can be used individually or combined depending on the individual training needs. In particular the combination of bands provides you with a variety of different resistance levels so that you can easily find your individual fit.

What you will get:

The package comes as an entire workout set including the following pieces.

  • 5 resistance bands – with difference resistance levels (up to 50lbs per band)
  • 2 cushion handles – enable you to grab the bands properly
  • 2 ankle straps – enable you to attach the bands at your ankles
  • 1 door anchor – enables you to attach the bands at every door
  • 1 poster – provides you with inspiration of potential exercises
  • 1 bag – enables you to store the entire set efficiently with only limited space requirements

FitBeast Resistance Bands come with great benefits

Training with FitBeast Resistance Bands comes with a variety of benefits.

  1. Adjustable resistance level
    With resistance bands it is super easy to adjust the resistance to your individual fitness level. To do that, there are three options. First, the selection of different resistance bands allows you to choose between 5 different resistance levels (from 10lbs to 50 lbs). Second, the combination of various resistance bands lets you easily increase resistance when needed. Third, increasing the distance from the anchor (stretching the bands) in your base position will physically increase the resistance level of the latex bands.
  2. Package size and flexibility to travel
    The entire set is easily packed up into the little black bag that comes with delivery. This provides you with the opportunity to store the bands efficiently without using lots of space. Also, due to the limited weight, the set is an ideal companion for any type of travel as it easily fits in normal hand luggage.
  3. Exercise poster
    FitBeast includes a poster filled with potential exercises into the package. This can serve as inspiration in particular for beginners who do not yet have a vast repertoire of exercises in their head.

Other customers like FitBeast Resistance Bands

Other customers do like the resistance bands from FitBeast. On Amazon, 95% of ~2,000 ratings were 4 stars or above leading to an average of 4.7 out of 5. Here are some of the latest customer reviews.

My opinion: Thumbs up

FitBeast Resistance Bands provide a complete new way of working out to me. I was surprised about the positive effect on muscle growth and muscle definition after only a short period of exercising. One of the greatest advantages I enjoy is the flexibility of training location. The resistance bands allow me to train from home, on business travels or on vacation as they are easily attached to any door through the door anchor. Moreover, the small size of the bag makes it easy to bring the bands wherever I want (fits in hand luggage). I would assume that this is also a great benefit for busy professionals who do travel to work (working at client site).

To summarize, I am more than happy with the choice to order and train FitBeast Resistance Bands. It turned out that I canceled my gym membership only 5 weeks into the training.

I hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any further question about the resistance bands or want to share your own personal review, feel free to leave a comment below

FitBeast Resistance Bands

Price: €

Product quality


Value for money


Delivery time





  • Great quality of snap hooks (definitely no cheap solution)
  • Large variety of resistance level
  • Allows for training of various muscle groups (back, arms, shoulders, core,...)


  • Limited usage options for leg training

4 thoughts on “FitBeast Resistance Bands 150lbs – Product Review”

  1. i have had bad experiences with an imitation of the resistance bands. what are the quality characteristics of this product? how is the processing on the snap hooks?

    1. Hi Steffen,

      thanks for your question.

      According to FitBeast, the bands are made to perform >30,000 stretches in their lifetime. The ends of the bands are equipped with a reinforced link to enable a stable transition to the handles. The snap hooks seem to be real and made of the same material as you would also expect them to be in other areas of life.

      I am using the resistance bands for almost 3 months with a frequency of 4-5 times a week now. I have not had any troubles with the handles, the snap hooks or the bands itself. The snap hooks could, however, be a little bit bigger as it would make it a bit easier to attach the snap hooks to the bands. You can find also more information on the producer’s website:

      What were the bad experiences you made with your bands? I assume you were using bands from a different producer, right?

      Hope that helps. Let me know if you have further questions.


      1. Hi Fabian,

        thanks for the quick response and additional information. My product wasn´t from fitbeast, looks like your product was a much better choice 🙂 One of my handles broke after 2 weeks und some snap hooks getting loose. But I only paid 12 Euro, so it probably makes sense to invest some more money to get a better quality! Do you have some training advice or specific exercises regarding the resistance bands? As you use them form a couple of month you probably gained some relevant expericence?


        1. Hi Steffen,

          thanks for sharing your insights. Yeah, sometimes a higher price pays off. As stated in the article, I am quite satisfied with FitBeast Resistance Bands so far.

          With regard to exercises:
          I have added some content for you that should give you some ideas on how to start exercising with resistance bands. You can find my article in the “Workout Plans” category or by simply following this link.

          Hope that helps. Curious to hear what you think of these exercises.


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