Adidas’ Runtastic App – The Little Helper To Structure Your Running Routine

Advancing to the next fitness level is difficult. No matter whether it is lifting weights or running, at some point you will reach a plateau where progress stops. However, there are little tips and tricks that can help you boost your motivation and push through to the next performance level. One of these tricks is to structure your fitness activity wherever you can.


When it comes to running, this structure can be achieved through Adidas’ Runtastic app. The app allows you to track your performance and progress over time and is therefore the perfect little helper to increase your running performance.

In the following paragraphs I will dive into some of the app’s features, the benefits of using the app as well some reasons why I started using the Runtastic app.

Product features of the FREE version

Generally spoken, the Runtastic app is like a fitness diary in which you can track your running performance every time you go out for a run. Here are some general features of the application:

  • GPS TrackingIt is the heart of Runtastic. GPS tracking allows you to track your performance when being on a run. This includes tracking your route, the distance, speed as well as the amount of burned calories. The latter can in particular be of importance if your goal is to lose weight.
  • Running StatisticsRuntastic_progress_tracking
    The data that is collected when tracking your run with GPS tracking is stored and user-friendly prepared. This makes it easy to analyze previous runs and therewith the performance over time. If your goal is to increase your performance, this feature will help you get there, as you are always able to compare your performance with previous months.
  • Voice Feedback
    The voice feedback feature in the free version shares basic stats while running. This feedback includes the current distance, total running time and average time per kilometer and is provided every kilometer. Receiving frequent feedback during your run enables you to adjust your pace flexibly during your run, which can be very helpful to achieve your running target.
  • News Feed & Community
    Runtastic’s news feed and community provides you with useful tips on training and motivation. In addition to that, you can exchange with other sports enthusiasts and share your training progress with others.

Benefits of using the app

Using a running app like Runtastic provides you with various benefits. Below I have listed the 4 major benefits I have experienced when using the app.

  • Competition with yourself
    The tracking of progress over time provides you with the opportunity to compete with your own previous running performances. By doing that you will always see whether your performance has increased or not. Thereby, not only the total time can be measured and improved, but also the time per kilometer and thus the consistency of your runs can be optimized.
  • Live feedback during run
    The voice feedback feature is a very helpful tool to exactly run the pace or distance that you are targeting. This provides an incredible level of structure to your running routine and is something I do not want to miss anymore.
  • Motivation boost
    There is not a better motivation than seeing the improvement of your performance over time. Through the app’s performance tracking feature, you will always have insights about how you progressed over time. Make sure to get better to get even more motivation for the next 10k that are waiting for you.
  • Intuitive app usage
    The app is very user-friendly, not only in setting it up but also during usage. It literally takes only one click to start the tracking of your run once the app is open.

Product features of the PRO version

As most of the free apps on the market, there is also an opportunity to upgrade to a premium version with Runtastic. Here are some additional features that come with the paid version.

  • Coaching
    The coach will provide you with personalized training plans. This can be beneficial if you need some support in setting up your training routine.
  • Ad free
    The premium version comes ad free. So, if you are bothered by seeing ads, you should consider upgrading to the premium version.
  • Track elevation
    The premium version does allow tracking elevation. This can be relevant when you do mountain runs or when you are climbing stairs.
  • Auto Pause
    A feature that automatically pauses the time once you stop running.
  • Heart rate display
    Premium allows you to track the maximum and average heart rate of a run
  • Interval runs
    The premium version does also provide you with the option to do intensive interval runs. This could be an interesting variety in your general running routine.

From my perspective, most of the features are only a “nice-to-have” instead of a “must-have”. For simply structuring your running routine, the free version is totally sufficient. If you take your running activities to a higher level or do specific runs (e.g. mountain runs), it can make sense to upgrade to the premium version though.

Why Runtastic app can be relevant for busy professionals

Being a busy professional with only limited spare time during weeks, a running app is the perfect little helper to increase your performance.


Planning, structuring and tracking performance progress over time is usually a time-consuming task when it is done manually. The Runtastic app takes this task off your shoulder and let’s you concentrate more on your job during the week.

Moreover, when combining a structured running approach with a healthy nutrition lifestyle, you are already on your way to get fit. You can find more information on how you can boost your energy level in our article “Fitness Nutrition For Busy Professionals“.

Reasons why I choose to use Runtastic

Personally, I just started out using the app. As with other parts in life, I love having structure for the things I do. Therefore, tracking my running performance is a must-have for me.

I also tried a few other running apps before, but finally decided to go with the Runtastic app. It has the most intuitive user interface and a large range of freely available functions.

Last but not least, the voice feedback during my runs is an enormous motivation for me. I just always like to be informed about the status quo and be able to adjust my pace. Knowing the progress of my run pushes me in phases where my head does not want to run anymore.


The Runtastic running app is a perfect companion for everybody who wants to put more structure into their fitness routine. In particular if you strive to reach your next performance level, the Runtastic app will help you to get there.

If you are uncertain about using Runtastic, simply try it out and see whether you like it. As stated above, the free version includes the major feature you need tracking your performance. In case you are looking for further details, Runtastic’s website is providing more information.

I hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any further question about the app or want to share your own personal review, feel free to leave a comment below.

Adidas' Runtastic App

Price: Free (basic version)

User friendliness


Value for money



  • GPS Tracking enables performance measuring
  • Voice Feedback serves as motivation boost
  • Track progress over time


  • Value add from premium version limited

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